Tape noise reduction, the best there is: DBX.
Who do not know: DBX works with compression, expansion, cutting the lower, boosting the higher frequencies at take-up and bring these frequencies back in the original bandwith, volume and attack when playing back. When during take-up the signal is compressed (with about a 40 dB) and during playback expanded vice versa, one can get the dynamics
DBX 21, noise reduction type II, compression and expansion at CD-dynamics!
DBX works during take up as well as during play back and mostly together, say for aftertape control. It is very good for people who want the best there is, very well against overload, while a DBX record still can make pleasant surprises recorded at a less quality of tape.

Model 21 is fine for work at a session: small enough to place anywhere. For control there is only one knob: on/off, for work during a session-on-the-road does not offer much time to control only the straigth record. You need all the time to set the soundcheck. Advantage is that the same unit brings back the original sound as it was during record. Type II, where model 21 to belongs, is fully compatible with other models from type II. As simpel as that!
Housing from teak and steel/aluminium, front black, backpanel eight clear plugs. Undamaged.

Get rid of tapenoise, listen to clear music.
Geheel gedokumenteerd.
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from a CD! At the same time frequency compression and -expansion takes place. The effect is that normal tapenoise, mostly around - 50 dB, always has been kept away and in fact has been forced down the - 95 dB level. That is a super low level. Noise is....ah,....GONE, while the speakers hit your ears as pumps. See the diagram aside.
DBX 228, noise reduction type II, simultaniously compression and expansion. More than that, also extra dynamics untill 110 dB.
No tales, just facts:
Model 228, well for work in the studio or for the audiophile: compression and expansion also here in a mirror with the same values, see diagram above. But... with extra controls to sum more dynamic. With two sliders; the point "when" and the point "how much". You then see a ledbar coming up when the electronics is working at which volume and how much. Wonderfull for a single instrument.
Type II, where model 228 fits in, is totally compatible with other models from type II. Case from steel/aluminium, front in black, backpanel has eight plugs (stereo: uncoded in, encoded out, encoded in, decoded out). Fully documentated. Undamaged.

For somenbody who wants everything about quality.
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By the way: all units are in fine condition, otherwise not offered (not even here.).